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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Exhibition at Munch Gallery

Up against it
The Art of Struggle 

Munch Gallery NYC
July 21 - August 11, 2012

Thanks to Jon Nalley, here is some pictures of the opening reception of this great exhibition.

 More informations here :

I highly recommend the meta-blog of Billy Miller, curator of the exhibition :

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Great exhibition in New-York

Up against it
The Art of Struggle

July 21 - August 11, 2012

Opening Reception Saturday, July 21, 7-9 pm

Munch Gallery NYC

Curated by Billy Miller

The current global financial and political crises have prompted a groundswell of protest worldwide. From Tahir Square in Egypt to Zuccotti Park in NYC; throughout the U.S., Europe and elsewhere; the people have spoken and told their ‘leaders’ that they demand change. That change has been slow or not at all; and most of those responsible for these crises have yet to be held accountable.
In an attempt to understand the upheavals and social movements of the past, we often look to art as a compass to show us the temperament of the society that produced those conflicts. Sculpture, painting, photography, dance, cinema, literature and performance have all been utilized to reflect the zeitgeist of each era. And from Goya to Gérricault, Hogarth, Grosz, Rivera, Picasso, Wojnarowicz, et al, artists have felt the call to bear witness to the issues of their times.
Brought together here for a limited time only, UP AGAINST IT presents an artistic response to the issues of OUR times; interpreted individually and collectively by an assembly of artists of varying backgrounds, politics, and points of view.

D-L Alvarez
Jonathan Berger
Michael Bilsborough
Matt Borruso
Kathe Burkhart
Luke Butler
David Everitt-Carlson
Brendan Carroll
Mavado Charon
Sam Dargan
Pia Dehne
Daniel Derwelis
Eric Doeringer
Peter Eide
Carl Ferrero
Gregory Green
Teenie Harris
Cliff Hengst
Christian Holstad
Scott Hug
Dennis Kane
Brenda Ann Kenneally
David King
Lisa Kirk
Noah Lyon
Michael Magnan
Yeni Mao
Darrin Martin
Rachel Mason
Jan-Holger Mauss
Salvor (Ross Menuez)
John Monteith
Glynnis McDaris
Mary Nicholson
Mark Ohe
Gwenaël Rattke
Nick Rule
Mark Shetabi
Tara Sinn
Superm (Brian Kenny + Slava Mogutin)
Paul Taylor
Margaret Tedesco
Scott Treleaven
Jan Wandrag

Wednesday through saturday 12-7 pm
Sunday 1-6 pm and by appointment

More infos at :

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